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Anime Recommendations - 5 Great Anime Like Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online hit the anime scene like a wrecking ball, picking up fan after fans that bothered to give it a try since its premiere in 2012. While fans eagerly await the recently announced sequel to Sword Art Online called Gun Gale Online they need a few anime to fill the void.

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Thunder_God1578d ago

No, not really. Only in sense of the most cursory of premises, not in terms of actual mood or themes within the show.

blitzburns41578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Funny. I was just searching for shows similar to SAO. Thank you for the post!

Some random thoughts. Btooom was one of the best seinen I've seen in a while, so *high five* for that recommendation. However, I think it's important to specify what kind of similarity you are going for.

There are really three major routes you can take when looking for similar anime to SAO. The setting/plot, specific characters, and genre. (These things are not mutually exclusive.) In the case of SAO. The setting/plot is a death game. The primary character archtypes are adventurer/swordsmen. Finally, the genre...but more specifically- "feel," of the anime.

When looking for setting/plot. Any sort of, "Death Game," anime will due. Most of the shows you mentioned fall into this category. Btooom!, Accel World, Hack/Sign, and Log Horizon would be included in this list. Some additions could be Fate/Zero, (Or the upcoming Fate/ Stay Night Remake.) Future Diary, and Deadman Wonderland as well. The upcoming show, Ixion Saga, seems to also be very similar to SAO in it's premise/setting.

Next are the characters. As mentioned, the primary character archetype is a skilled adventurer/swordsmen and also a romantic interest. In this category, similar shows could be Rurouni Kenshin, (OVAs and TV series) Ninja Scroll, (Movie), and Basilisk.

Finally, there's the feel or genre of the show. This is essentially by and large a romance, and the romance is what drives the show. Because of this, any great romance romance with some action or thrill will also likely serve to quench one's thirst. Some examples include Yu Yu Hakusho, (Also could be a death game recommendation.) Steins;Gate, Spice & Wolf, Angel Beats, and perhaps Eureka Seven.

Personally, I'd throw Guilty Crown off the list. If it does fit as a recommendation, it would be in the last category. However, it's a bit of a stretch by that point. If you include Guilty Crown you should also include a wide variety of shows like Pyscho Pass, Code Geass, a Gundam series or two, or perhaps even Neon Genesis Evangelion...Though I have no doubt that someone who enjoyed SAO would enjoy the examples I mentioned, we're not really being specific anymore.

ExCest1578d ago

Too bad .hack/sign was horribly boring. Accel world was enjoyable but hardly great. BTOOOM was okay (AKA not great).

As a matter of fact, I consider SAO to be not great.

blitzburns41578d ago

Just curious, may I ask why you think SAO wasn't up to your expectation? Was it the second season?

ExCest1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

Most people say it was the second season but the whole show just took a left turn when they abandoned the fight and took care of the little girl. The show went from an episodic action to a romance where the characters from the episodic action arcs didn't even matter in the end.

The show wasn't terrible. Hell, it was enjoyable. It just was terribly disappointing to see none of the characters matter and for the show to turn into a harem with incestual tendencies. If I wanted incest, I'd watch OniAi or something.

krazykombatant1577d ago

I still don't see the obsession some people have with Guilty Crown, its such a crappy show, it started off with some promise and just flatlines for the entirety of the show.

ExCest1577d ago

Funnily enough, I may not have thought SAO to be great but for some reason I loved Guilty Crown. (Mainly for Inori, I'm pretty sure).