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How To Create A Successful Anime

Fanboys Anonymous runs down 5 easy steps to creating your own anime. Using an extensive knowledge on anime, this provides you with a step by step guide to creating a successful anime.

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blitzburns41578d ago

Lol, interesting article thanks for the post.

DivineHand1251577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

All you need to do to make a successful anime is to have something interesting, original, a good sound track and a story that would appeal to a non niche audience.

Eg) Death Note, one piece, original naruto, code geass, pokemon, yugioh, DBZ etc.

Those series listed above all meet the requirements that I described and its a shame that most anime that comes out nowadays just tries to copy things that worked in other series such as characters, art and even the jokes and does nothing different other than just change the scenario a bit.