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Space Brothers Episode #91 Anime Review | Fandom Post

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Spending time focusing on Hibito may frustrate some fans since so much of the show was originally all about Mutta, but the show is titled Space Brothers and Hibito has had some very good story material over the course of it. And both of them definitely push each other in different ways to grow and become better, though it’s not always obvious. With Hibito’s struggles to get back into the program, it’s been very understandable considering what he went through on the moon. And seeing him put through things again now as he does his best to survive the tests and to move past it is well executed. There’s a lot to like with what Hibito is going through in terms of survivability, but it’s the way in which he does it that really draws you in. That’s hampered a bit by the drawn out approach the show uses, but that’s also part and parcel with the style of the series.

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