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Kill la Kill - Episode 15 (Review)

Cities are destroyed, Ryuuko's resolve is regained, and MakoxGamagoori's forbidden love is once again baited ridiculously. Let's run down the highs and lows of Kill la Kill episode 15.

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Bobduh1604d ago

Frankly, this show can do whatever it wants with its actual plot. As long as it keeps showing Gamagoori passionately conflicted about Mako, I'll probably be entertained.

Thunder_God1604d ago


Yeah, the plot was sort of... dunno, for the promised "big episode" it sure wasn't all that big, and the Satsuki philosophy continues to be... inconclusive (incoherent even).

DEATHxTHExKIDx1604d ago

They hyped the episode because of the fight. It was supposed to be reminiscent of when Simon fought lord genome in Gurren Lagaan. I kinda see it since it was rlly fast,off the walls, and very well animated. I wouldnt put them on the same level tho.

Raf1k11603d ago

Simon vs Lord Genome was a turning point in the story of Gurren Lagann.

This fight wasn't on the same level IMO but it was pretty cool to watch and nice to see the new Goku uniforms.