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Saki – The Nationals Episode #04 Anime Review | Fandom Post

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As we finally get to a match, we see Himematsu’s team discussing strategy and worrying about Yuuki, who has freakishly good luck in the East Wind portion of her match. With good reason, since Yuuki gets off to her usual fast start, having won the position of dealer as well. Even when Jindai changes the order of drawn tiles by claiming a discard, Yuuki still wins the hand (though her original draw would have been a win within one go around of declaring riichi and would have doubled her score for the winning hand). It may get harder on the other contestants when Yuuki declares that she’s going to end their match in just the East Wind Hand 1 (as dealer, if she keeps on winning, she can continue to be dealer with bonus hands and could conceivably drive one of the other players out of the game to end the match). I have my doubts that this is how things are going to end up…but it will be amusing to see how it gets stopped.

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