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They suck at driving in Golden Time

The latest episode of Golden Time featured a lot of driving. Anime Viking points out all the mistakes and shows how awful the characters in Golden Time are at driving.

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Marow1849d ago

Really, this episode really annoyed me. I normally don't pick up on silly things in anime, but gosh was this hard to overlook.

chaosdemon091849d ago

Lol ya I was waiting for 2dkun to crash he seriously wasn't even looking at the road most of the time. Then our leading girl drives and she was doing good but they seriously should have just pulled over and slept if off if they where all that tired.

Marow1849d ago

I wonder how the next episode will deal with it... I mean, I would be pretty mad if something like this happened in real life. I'm not sure I could even trust that person again.

chaosdemon091849d ago

Hummm kinda hard to be mad at someone if you don't get hurt. Looks like there OK in the next episode. But ya I get what you mean. Personally I would make sure not to get in a car with that person driving again and crack on them for falling