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Why Critics Are Always Wrong

So. You want to criticize stuff, huh? Of course you do – every child dreams of spending hours of unpaid labor attempting to comment on art for an uncaring niche audience. But before you get to work, you should probably learn that you’re wrong, everyone else is right, your taste is irrelevant, and you’re a bad person besides. Why? Let’s take those charges one at a time.

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Bobduh1542d ago

An open letter to everyone who has opinions. That's a lot of people!

Aleithian1542d ago

Sounds legit.

More seriously though, the nature of critical commentary concerns me. I find that gaming and entertainment commentary is particularly harsh, though not necessarily out of touch with the tone of commentary more generally.

People need to acknowledge the limits of their knowledge and adopt a more skeptical and cautious tone in response. But hey, no culture I'm aware of instills that sort of attitude from youth, so there's no reason to expect it anytime soon.

Bobduh1542d ago

Agreed. I feel meaningful criticism essentially requires a sense of humility - an understanding that the critical process is always a conversation and search for greater understanding, and that no critic already knows everything they need to know. But the internet tends to turn it into a meaningless war with people you disagree with.