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Winter 2014 Week 4 Overview – (Anime Power Ranking)

I didn't split this week's post in half, so this will be an extra-long edition, and as close as you'll get to editorials from me on single episodes.

So, how did this week's shows stack up, one against the other?

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Thunder_God1577d ago

I /really/ should cut down on how many shows I'm watching. Writing about each show as I watch it adds up to a lot of time, this post itself amounted to 3,800 words. 15 shows, and so much verbiage on them all.

Need to cut shows, and clear time for my backlog, and video games, and stuff :3

Well, if you find my thoughts interesting, feel free to comment! Got some interesting thoughts on Kill la Kill and Sekai Seifuku in particular in this post.

The Killer1577d ago

Well, whats the point to write for every episode? IMO, write about the whole series or just the first 2.

On the other hand, if you get paid for it, don't complain.

Thunder_God1577d ago

1. It's a blog, a personal blog, part of that means you get to kvetch and complain. No payment.

2. Helps you when you want to discuss with people how the shows do thus far. Or when the show ends and you want to look back, it certainly helps.

3. I don't do editorials on single episodes, not really, just thoughts, and here's the closest it gets to it. I only do editorials for whole seasons, as you said.