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After 30 Years, Goku's Mother from Dragonball is Finally Going to Be Revealed

Goku, who's known to be one of the most powerful fictional characters ever created, has a mother and she will soon be revealed.

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foie1597d ago

Now that I think about it, I never thought about Goku even having a mother.

Sekijitsu1597d ago

Over the years I never even gave a single thought as to who or what Goku's mother was. This will be interesting.

gunnerforlife1597d ago

is it me or does it feel like they're prepping up for a new DragonBall Z Manga! Especially after Bill mentioned theres more gods that are as powerfull or more powerfull then him!?

DivineHand1251597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

IMO if there are planing on bringing back Dragon Ball, I think they should make it begin in Goku jr's timeline instead of continuing the one from Z. They could have new enemies, new techniques, new characters etc. Most of all, Dragon ball fans will get something that is fresh, new and interesting.

UltraNova1597d ago

Common they tried that with the GT and failed IMO.

No more kids stuff. Grown Goku kicks some serious ass!

Darrius Cole1597d ago

Now that I think of it I have never seen any Saiyan woman.

DivineHand1251597d ago

I guess you did not watch Bardock father of goku because Bardock had a woman in his squad.

DeathScythe1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

You haven't seen Fasha in dbz episode of bardock? if not then have a look at a pure saiyan women.

M-M1597d ago

I thought they already revealed this in the manga? I think it's been too long lol.

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