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The Pilot’s Love Song Episode #05 Anime Review | Fandom Post

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After being in the midst of their journey for four months, the group of students is starting to look like a troupe of real pilots. Their command of their vehicles and weaponry has improved greatly. Soon they’ll be approaching the Holy Spring itself, and they need to be physically and mentally ready to do so. They spend a warm day training at the beach, and after the day is done several of the students stay behind to play in the water and have fun. Even Claire joins in. While many of the other students return to town, their group sets up camp and makes dinner. While gathering firewood, Kal and Claire are separated from the group and become lost, but are interrupted before any romantic moment can take root. Left alone under the starry sky, Kal remembers how he was essentially exiled to Isla in lieu of becoming a political tool. Now he begins to question his feelings towards Nina Viento and his purpose there.

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