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Sword Art Online: Are the haters right?

Is Sword Art Online great, or is it the worst thing ever? That's the argument that's been going on in anime fandom since 2012. Of course, it's not really an argument, since the people who love it won't be dissuaded just because others are Negative Nancys, and the people who hate it seem to invest a surprisingly large portion of their identity in hating it. There's little dialogue, just "SAO is pretty awesome" and "SAO is awful and people who like it are dumb." Who's right?

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krazykombatant1569d ago

First arc is great, tension is awesome despite the cliches and what have you. Second arc what horrible, stupid love triangle with (sister/cousin I can't remember) add to that the rape tentacle scene and crappy antogonist and what have you. They should have spent the entire series in the first arc and that would have been awesome.

chaosdemon091569d ago

Bingo on that one. 1st arc was so fresh and ended too quickly. Once you took out that you can die playing the game it lost its overall shock

gaffyh1568d ago

The thing is, the haters came out of the woodwork before the 2nd arc even started. The issues that they had was that the story jumped all over the place, and there was very little explanation as to how it got there. IMO, that was just good pacing, and not getting bogged down in details like how someone moved from one floor to another. 2nd arc wasn't as good as the first, but still enjoyable.

SaffronCurse1569d ago

I pretty much lost interest right after the first story arc ended. It just didn't have the same flare as it did imo.

pompombrum1569d ago

First arc was amazing, second arc not so much but was still enjoyable. Overall I'd still rank it up there with some of my most memorable anime for the first arc alone.

EL Lanf1569d ago

I felt the first arc was OK (6 or 7/10) but still plenty flawed, I found the romance and playing house pretty sickly (I like other, proper romance anime though) and didn't like any major character.

Then oh lordy, the 2nd arc. Man. At least it helped people see it wasn't a 10/10 epic show, still a harsh wake up call for those less prepared. The 2nd arc made the first one seem almost good sheerly out of contrast, especially on the villian front. The first villian didn't have much personality or goals but that managed to drop the massively cliched personality and goals of the 2nd bloody villian.

For those who say it didn't do the novels justice, I just find it questionable how the best parts of the show were the visuals and sound, which to me seems like a good adaptation of a bad story.

smashcrashbash1569d ago

I liked Sword Art Online.Even if the second one wasn't the best i am not sure what the hate is about