Episode 5 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified | Otaku Spirit

It’s the big reveal time for the Yonomori family. Though some seem to take it a bit easier than others. The secret behind the Mitsumine family is finally brought to light by a surprise visitor that seems to have a very loose tongue. Puppy people? Ninjas? Shapeshifters? Werewolves?

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Embolado1596d ago

Nice episode breakdown, and I must say I enjoy this series so far, it is one of the few from the winter lineup that I will continue to watch.

Nice find CaptinYesterday, added another great anime website to the Favorites list.

Zeruel1596d ago

Thanks so much for the feedback Embolado, and for adding it to your favorites! I hope our site can continue to deliver. My thanks also goes out to CaptainYesterday for submitting my articles! :)