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Florence Student Carries 'Death Note,' Lists Names of Students to Harm

A student at a Florence Elementary School was taken to a treatment facility after school officials found a list wishing harm to other students in a notebook in the child’s backpack at Anthem Elementary in Florence.

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Anthotis1534d ago

Emos and Death Notes do not mix.

foie1534d ago

So does that make the person who caught the kid "Near"?

SilentNegotiator1534d ago

WTF happened to elementary students? There seems to be so many stories about some 13 or under shooting somebody or hanging themselves or something these days. When did young kids get to be so dramatic?

Then again, it's not like I followed the news or used the internet much back then, so it could just be my limited perspective.

SirBradders1534d ago

It's because we have young mum's that neglect their kids wishing they were still young again worrying about silly boys and everything other than raising their kid properly.

I know a girl who's kid (7 year old) held another kid hostage with a pretend gun the other day all because he plays too much COD & GOW. Sad times.

SilentNegotiator1534d ago

I guess that could be part of it. There certainly are a lot of dumb young parents that don't know how to deal with children these days. They either think there couldn't possibly be consequences from having a bunch of unprotected or poorly protected (condoms break and 1/1000 odds are scarier when the prize is a child) sex or think they've figured it all out and won't have any trouble raising a human being.

FlameBaitGod1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Parents don't so shit anymore (the majority), they don't discipline or anything. I matured because Mr. Belt would come over every time i fked up.

SirBradders1534d ago

Its proven time and time again hitting is not the way forward.

Kurylo3d1534d ago

was the kids name light?

daweee01e1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

WTF? My friend bought death note too when we were at elementary school and I remember that we would write the names people we didnt like and laugh at them and their way of death. Thats it.I guess it is kind of dark humor, but its completely harmless.

denero11534d ago

Welcome my friend to a world were you can't dislike someone or vent without being labeled or studied he liked a anime he copied it for people he didn't care for but now their going to question him and by the time their done he will be crazy


I agree, but at the very least he did threaten suicide, so he should at least be helped for that, and on everything else it wouldn't hurt just to check everything out.

SilentNegotiator1534d ago

To be fair, that could just be a means to vent, but it could also be a cry for help from a socially stunted child.

And like ICANPLAYGAMES2 said, the kid was also planning suicide, so this isn't likely one of those totally harmless situations.

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