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Naruto Chapter 664 – Madara vs Kakashi Predictions

WARNING CONTAINS HEAVY SPOILER: Whatswithjeff - "Naruto chapter 664 is the next most awaited Naruto shipudden manga chapter to be released this week. Last chapter was epic! There were lots of key events that happened in the last chapter. Madara finally became the Juubi’s Jinchuriki and was able to obtain the power of the Six Sage of Paths. I don’t know how do you call Madara now; “Rikudou Madara” or “Madara Six Sage of Paths” or even “Madara Juubi Mode“, but one thing is for certain Kakashi is going to face an enemy that is totally out of his league. Meanwhile Gaara, Sakura and the almost dying Naruto is on their way to the 4th’s place, where they will find the other half of Kurama. Can they make it in time? Most probably they will. And who is this mysterious person standing near Sasuke? Is he/she a friend or foe? Will he help Sasuke? Let’s find out in Naruto 664."

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