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New York Times Best Seller Manga List Released

GamerFitnation: The New York Times have released their Best Seller Manga list, see what series are featured on their top ten best sellers so far this year.

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danthebios1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

I know this is off topic but why i liked shingeki no kyojin ANIME (ATTACK ON TITAN)is because it made me feel woahhhh, cant wait till next week:),too bad it ended.For me anime like gungrave and berserk was my all time fav,but now this adds to my list.Right now,the anime Golden Time looks interesting and i laugh at myself because a guy that likes gungrave,berserk and shingeki no kyojin could be into Golden time?!!Hahaha.weird,but hey things change dont it haha.