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Once More With Fury: Rebuilding Evangelion

In attempting to justify the existence of the Rebuild of Evangelion, Hideaki Anno offers an interesting defense. In the words of my handy statement-of-purpose booklet, “I do think, why revive a title that is over 10 years old now? I also feel that Eva is already old. But in these 12 years, there has been no newer anime than Eva.”

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Bobduh1590d ago

An attempt to explain the strange, controversial nature of the Rebuild of Evangelion series.

Marow1590d ago

I'm going to watch all the Rebuild movies when the final one is out. Feels like it's for the best.

blitzburns41590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Me 3. I'm glad I made my decision early on considering everyone says the third movie sucked so much!

Edit: I will say that the TV Series ending and the End of Evangelion movie both were massively disappointing, so I hope the fourth rebuild movie doesn't suck.

DuB1589d ago

I want them shits on Blu ray !