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Is Fan Service the Trash of Anime?

Alpha Omega has a rant about the controversial topic of Fan Service and its place in today's anime. Do you agree or disagree with it? Should Fan Service be a part of Anime and Manga? Read his opinions and let your known too. Join in with the debate.

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Hergula1864d ago

Of course it is not, Fan Service happens in film and music as much as it does in the anime, if not more... Different name, same point. It ain't trash.

cemelc1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Yeah sonico is a great anime /s

You can enjoy fanservice for one or two episodes, but when the plot is bare bone, you get bore to hell.

I didnt finish queens blade, ikkitousen, dxd, i wont finish sonico, Why? cos those anime are awfull. There is not a single good character among those examples, women are just there to fall in love of a retard or to get naked without contex, animation is usually poor except for porny shots.

koga881863d ago

While I will agree that Queen's Blade and Sonico don't have much of a story, Ikkitousen is a decent series if you skip over the third season which was pretty much useless fluff, and DxD actually has a really good storyline to go along with the characters, and they do explain why certain characters end up liking the main lead though obviously you didn't stick around for that part. If you can't stick around a show to see if the story is any good past the first two episodes then I have a feeling you've missed out on a lot of good shows.

robothouserock1863d ago

Just watched a few minutes of the first episode of Queen's Blade out of curiosity ... 4 boobs, one of the girls is completely naked already and the other girl shot acid out of her boobs. I think I'm done with this show.

cemelc1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )


I saw till the part where the lead character had some kind of incredible dragon power that will make him autowin even against god, and his first skill was getting girls naked, i was done by that point.

-The animation was bad.
-The character was a poor harem lead, with a special power.
-The setting was interesting, but under used.
-That season probably ended with a final ark that started by episode 10 of 12, the rest fanservice.

Is not a good anime, not even a decent one.

I like fanservice done well like in monogatari or code geass, that didnt detract all that much from the content, but 12 episodes of nothing but porny shots gets old real fast, cos there is not context to it.

Desperado3161863d ago

When Fan Service is used for a purpose, such as comedy then that's is fine but when it's blatantly used for the sake of fan service... I don't know... I don't see the point why those who want to watch a clean show with awesomeness have to deal with this pointless bullshit. Is it trash? In some cases... I think so. It doesn't add anything to the anime story or plot. If we wanted to watch something for fan service, then there are plenty of anime that designed specifically for fan service...

Same thing goes for films and music. Certain movies and music require fan service as it is there for a purpose. To tell a story. The rest of it is just to get people horny. If we wanted to get horny, we would go watch porn.

Hergula1862d ago

I get your point, yet the same could be applied to film and music video, as well as games for that matter... we just point out girls flashing ass and tits in anime because it has a name - fan service. In film, nudity, ass-shots and other such things really are not talked about, as it is not really categorized more than simply being called "nudity" or sexual references. Even music videos include bare-chested women twerking their ass off, as an rap-fan I love it, yet at the end of the day it depends on the use.

So I do agree with you, as fan service in general is a double-sided sword.

foie1864d ago

I'm not a fan of fan service, but on principle I would try to avoid calling things "Trash".
With that said, I do personally tend to stray away from anime that are known to be full of fan service because I haven't found myself to enjoy them in the past.

cemelc1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Same boat as you, fanservice is my stay away alert these days.

Desperado3161863d ago

Sometimes a great anime is spoilt because of fan service. Imagine you wanted to tell a friend who didn't watch anime about this awesome anime you watched and he watches the first episode and comes back to you saying, "What the hell is this cartoon porn?" It would be the first thing he would notice.

And even kids... Kids like watching anime. How are they supposed to know which ones are filled with fan service and which aren't. They don't have ratings for anime. It's either adult or not. And these are not adult anime. They're aimed at young adults and teenagers.

ScubbaSteve1863d ago

I use the number of times the guy in the show trips over himself and gropes a boob as an indicator for how bad a show is going to be.

The Killer1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Fan service should be called fans disservice. I think because of it, many parents and countries dont buy these animes. I am shy to enjoy an anime show which has fan services with another person next to me, let alone next to a child.

so in the end, they reduce the number of buyers and viewers IMO. the children market for animes are bigger than the adult.

and those adults who love fan services can just go directly to hentai if they wanted it that badly.

Old japanese animes didnt have fan services yet they were the golden age of animes.

s45gr321863d ago

I don't agree nor disagree but that's how the entertainment industry changed. I still remember back in the fifties and older movies didn't have any nude/sexual scenes that also includes tv shows nowadays movies/tv shows have plenty of erotic scenes especially when it comes to comedy films. Unfortunately music used to be pure with the introduction of music videos guess what scantily clad women galore especially when it comes to rap /hip hop music. Now anime and in some occasions gaming. I mean we live in an age of liberty were apparently sex/nudity is ok. Hypocratily we pretend to be prudish or how it's immortal when in reality that is not the truth at all. Don't get me started on fashion since women's clothing is getting shorter and shorter. So cut the crap about being moral pretending to be prudish when we are not we are liberal but are too embarrassed to accept it. So there's fan service in anime (who cares as long as there's character development an engaging story, humor, and great animation like "Listen to me Girls I am your Father" ok it has fan service but it is still a pretty good anime) so does it also mean we stay away from films like friends with benefits, tv shows like weeds, you get my point.

Desperado3161863d ago

Movies that are designed for adults will have adult themes. That's perfectly fine... But anime is focused on young adults and it kinda gives off a bad impression upon parent's.

Take Fairy Tail for example. There is blatant fan service and that show is aimed at 10-14 year olds. There's no need for it.

koga881863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Don't know how far you want to go back with "old" anime but some of the more signature series such as Ranma 1/2 and Urusei Yatsura had a fair level of fan-service to go along with the show and both of those ran for well over a hundred episodes back then. Sure it wasn't anything quite as over the top as now, but then again technology and budgets were much lower as well.

Plus, there is a reason that most of the anime that people actually care about that aren't shonen shows air late at night in Japan, it is for a more adult audience. Sure, Precure and Pokemon can pull large numbers but to say that every anime should cater to the youngest demographic would make every dramatic series just vanish as well.

If you want to talk only about marketing to children then you can say goodbye to a large number of the highest rated series that are called classics such as Monster, Lain, and many others.

Relating a bit to the way things work in the West, compare shows shown on free channels compared to channels on cable or premium channels. The latter two will often have characters appearing in underwear or mostly naked, and the third listed can even have full on nudity and still pass and be popular with a large number of people.

The Killer1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

U all didnt get my point completely. Animes like Attack on titan or Death note is still new and not for kids but without fan services. Animes in the past like Fist of the north star,Remi, The Treasure Island, Galaxy Express, and many more, were amazing animes yet they didnt have fan services.

This fan services is a propaganda which goes with hollywood sexual propaganda. Name me one movie from Hollywood that doesnt have kissing or some kind of sexual harassment? maybe u will find 1 out of 1000. i dont care of the world going in what direction, i have my religion and God doesnt change with time, and He already told us what is right or wrong. the media or fashion doesnt decide for me what is right or wrong.

Coming back to the topic, there are animes both in the past and now which are great and without fan services. Even though attack on titans is for teens or mature people, i can still watch it with a young child, but i cant with an anime that has fan services.

ExCest1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Holy shit.

Also, propaganda for what?

koga881863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Wait so you would be fine with watching a show where people are eaten alive, with limbs torn apart and blood everywhere, by naked humanoid creatures with the anatomy of a Ken doll, with a young child, but if there is a panty flash the show is bad for children?

Also if I had the time I could probably find a million movies from Hollywood that don't have anything like that, none this week because of Valentines of course, but the number is way more balanced than that.

andrewer1863d ago

Like everything, if it's not exaggerated it ain't that bad. Or when used for comedy. But most of fan service is actually boring, although wouldn't call "trash".

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