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Naruto 665 – Rikudou Madara, Black Zetsu, Kakashi and Sasuke Predictions "Naruto 665 is the next most awaited Naruto Shippuden manga chapter to be released this coming Wednesday. We expect a lot of exciting things to happen in this chapter now that Rikudou Madara has arrived to were the Black Zetsu and Kakashi and Minato are. In this chapter we hope that some of our questions will be answered like; will Madara finally have his left Rinnegan eye back, what will happen to Naruto now that the Black Zetsu captured the other half of Kurama, will Kakashi get the other sharingan eye of Obito and what will Tenten do with the treasured tools of the Sage of Six Paths that Rikudou Madara spat out? Let’s find that all out in Naruto chapter 665."

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Lord_Sloth1584d ago

I still think the Tobi "plot-twist" was lazy and stupid. There were so many other theories and I think it would have been best had he been an unknown shinobi to flow with his "name's are meaningless" speech.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1584d ago

Once they gave the back story seemed like it only made sense that way. Tobi=Obitio ppl said it for years.

Lord_Sloth1584d ago

Hence why I called it lazy. It was the obvious way out. The Fugaku using Izanagi to survive was a good 1 imo.

maniacmayhem1584d ago

I need to start watching Shippuden without the fillers. Anyone have any idea where I could get these in good quality?

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gunnerforlife1583d ago

Ummm black zetsu didn't capture kurama, he left that dimension as soon as madara came back so technically he hasn't captured him yet

alfordeliot1583d ago

Yeah dude I hate to burst your bubble but zetsu did take the other half of the kyubi' s chakra and chapter 665 proves it

gunnerforlife1582d ago

How the hell did he take it do fast! And now the hell is naruto gonna come back -.-