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Kill la Kill Episode 18 - Impressions and Notes

Another entry in my note-taking and thought-jotting series of posts on currently running shows. This episode was very much filled with actions, and characters crying their resolve and motivations. What's at stake? Family and power, as always.

As always, the notes were taken while actually watching the episode, and rather than just repeating what you've already watched, elaborate upon it, assuming you've already watched the episode.

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Thunder_God1557d ago

I literally stayed up till 6 am last week to watch this, due to how late it's been. It was worth it.

Action often feels empty, as if it's fun, but didn't advance us. Well, this episode's action certainly had heft to it, and Satsuki's clash with her mother was good stuff. I'm excited to see the Elite Four truly play a part, y'know?

deep_fried_bum_cake1556d ago

Yeah that'll be good to see. I expect them to get their asses kicked though. I ended up catching up on the last 3 episodes in one go and it's just so damn good. I didn't expect Satsuki's betrayal.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1556d ago

rlly? I always felt like Satsuki had ulterior motives. like she wasnt just gonna follow her mothers lead. The beating she took was beautiful tho.

deep_fried_bum_cake1556d ago


Yeah it threw me. Like you I figured she had ulterior motives but the last episodes did a good job of convincing me that she was just a pawn.