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Winter 2014 Mid-Season Overview

I watch too many shows. I dropped a bunch of them. This is an overview of the shows who made it so far in, and a couple of others.

This is aimed to help you decide which new shows to pick, so I also omitted all the Fall 2013 shows continuing to this season.

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Thunder_God1580d ago

Shows I've dropped/put on hold and thus aren't in the post: Nobunaga the Fool, Hamatora, D-Frag!, Witch Craft Works, Space Dandy, Mahou Sensou / Magical Warfare, and Tonari no Seki-kun, just not enough time in the day.

Still, if I had to describe this season in one sentence? "Shows just good enough to not drop, and Fall 2013 carry-overs." Come on, spring.