Noragami Episode 1-7 Review | Geekenstein

"Every year, the animation studio Bones tends to be the standout studio when it comes to adapting various manga to anime, and their tastes continue to shine with Noragami. Set in modern day, it follows Yato, the God of War, and his exploits to build his own shrine. Noragami focuses on Yato giving up his old Shinki (divine weapon) to look for a new one, and thus enters Hiyori Iki. Hiyori is a middle school student who saves Yato from an oncoming car and winds up in a weird limbo-like scenario wherein her body to lose control of her soul at random. It’s rather silly at the start, but the later episodes are showing us glimpses of not only Yato’s past life, but some strong development through all of the characters involved. With enough continued strengths like this, I could see Noragami building to a solid finale, but there is a bit of a lull to get over in the first few episodes." - Curtis Stone of Geekenstein

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