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Okay, Fine, So You CAN Learn Japanese From Anime

Koichi from Tofugu writes: "While my “you can’t learn Japanese from anime” words were meant for those people, there is a way to watch anime where you do actually learn something. In fact, you can learn quite a bit if you try really hard. That’s what language learning is, isn’t it?"

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Aleithian1519d ago

This is a great list. There's one extremely important benefit that's not mentioned, however. If you are interested in learning to speak Japanese as well as read it, watching anime without subtitles and straining really hard to follow the sounds - even if you don't understand them - will be of huge benefit. Just "listening" to the sound of Japanese isn't enough; you need to strain to break about the words as they are spoken. Over time, this will habitualize your brain to processing Japanese sounds and following the (frequently very fast) train of short syllables. You can't do this if you are reading subtitles, because your brain is devoted to processing English text.