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Boomslank Review – Your Source of Original Anime-Inspired Shirts and Accessories "Japanese animation, also known as Anime, has been a part of my life since my early teenage years. I have been watching Anime since I was in high school. And if there are other things I want to have, other than a really cool high end gaming PC, are anime accessories, collections and shirts. I could still remember back in college days I have my cell phone coated with a Rei Ayanami (from Evangelion) skin. And I have Dante’s face (from DMC) and Bleach spray painted on two shirts. It was not easy to find anime based shirts or accessories during those days but now they are everywhere. Today I want to share to you a startup company whose main products are t-shirts, posters and cell phone casings with original anime design. I’m talking about none other than Boomslank. What the heck is Boomslank you might ask? Please continue reading below and find out more about Boomslank."

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