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3 Reasons “Attack on Titan” Anime Blew Me Away

Luis from Luis' Illustrated Blog writes: "It’s no secret that I like anime. I grew up watching it. I think it’s one of the few sources for unique animated cartoons in the world."

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Aleithian1574d ago

Well, I mean, the premise is deeper than giants attacking the last of humanity. The premise is pretty much stated in the first intro track.

And not to nitpick, but there's some bad spelling errors in the piece.

That said, it's a decent list. The cinematography is excellent. The titans are reminiscent of the evas in Evangelion, both in sound and movement. The show has a great sense of scale, both the physical dimensionality of the human world and the humans/titans, and the spiritual scale of the psyche. The characters beautifully represent various responses to the ever-present fact of imprisonment, down to the various forms of neurotic self-control used to gain a sense of power in the face of external weakness. The music wonderfully complements the drama and the themes. And the first season is well-paced. Perhaps one downside I see is the sheer number of characters makes it difficult to develop a close bond to even the main characters. In other shows, characters are complex and evolving. Here, there's a sense of evolution, but the characters generally represent singular dimensions of the personality. That's fine, I think, for this show, but it does leave me wondering what it the end result would be if the show was spaced across more seasons.

foie1573d ago

Extremely well said, you put my thoughts regarding the characters into words better than I could have done for myself.

Aleithian1573d ago

Thanks. :) I just reread my post and I'll never post again without proof reading :S