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Aria The Natural: Season 2-Part 2 Review | The Game Scouts

Tin Salamunic: I have to admit, I don’t typically enjoy the “Slice of Life” genre. Many shows fail to build interesting and intriguing characters and while the lack of distinct narrative is part of the appeal, I’ve never been able to stay engaged throughout an entire series. So imagine my surprise when Aria The Natural (Season 2) Part 2 enthralled me to watch all five and a half hours in one sitting. Very few shows manage to pull of slow pacing with such grace, charm and personality. Aria’s ethereal vibe is remarkably enchanting providing a perfect blend of drama and humor. Like the recently reviewed Blessing of the Campanella, Aria is devoid of an overarching storyline and relies purely on its protagonists to carry each episode. But unlike the paper-thin and mundane Anime stereotypes of Campanella, Aria radiates with charisma and a delightful cast. While I’m new to the series and missed out on previous Aria releases, I was drawn to its world from the very first opening credits.

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