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Anime Roundtable: The Evolution of Card Games Anime

Welcome to Anime Roundtable, where the CC Anime writers get together and discuss a certain topic around a table that may or may not be round or even exist. This time our topic of discussion is ‘the evolution of card games anime’.

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F-Inglese-941376d ago

Genre, sub-genre, whatever, card game animes are awesome!

futurefrog1376d ago

I'm loving Cardfight Vanguard, wonder if Future Card Buddyfight is any good?

F-Inglese-941376d ago

If it is anything like Cardfight Vanguard then I'm sure it'll be good.

koga881376d ago

I remember watching Yu-Gi-Oh way back when I was younger and not even realizing that it was meant to sell cards until a few months after I started watching it I saw the cards for sale. I say they can be good marketing tools but the shows need to stand on their own as well.

F-Inglese-941376d ago

I thought nothing of it when I was a kid. I just sat, watched and enjoyed the ride.

Subby1376d ago

Hmm can't say I ever got into a card anime. Obviously knew about Yu-Gi-Oh though. I'd say a card anime would need a bigger twist than just dueling for me to be interested.

futurefrog1376d ago

When it comes to the age old question of Yugioh vs Vanguard i think that there is no answer, both are good in there own way, Yugioh is more supernatural egytpian element whereas Vanguard focus more on actual card game. Both have advantage and disadvantage both are awesome