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FUNimation Reveals ‘Attack On Titan’ Anime Release Extras/Premium Details

FUNimation has one of, if not the, biggest releases set for this year on June 3rd, 2014 with the first half of Attack on Titan coming to DVD/BD combo form. We’ve gotten some of the information before about pricing and that there would be a few different editions and now the official information has surfaced about what to expect from the three different editions that will be available. Time to start setting a little money aside if you’re wanting one of the premium editions since it’s slotted for just 7,500 copies. On disc extras make up a listed 104 minutes worth of material which is the same across all three editions.

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JustSaiyan1559d ago

Geez, if the UK Attack on Titan release is anywhere near as good as this I'll be impressed. Time will tell eh?

Aleithian1559d ago

Wow, that's impressive. Wish I could justify the purchase.

And any excuse to play the opening track, eh Chris Beveridge?