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Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting – Rising Episode #21 Anime Review | Fandom Post

The Review
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As the match begins to edge into its final stages, the battle between Takamura and Eagle becomes one of wills rather than skill. When the doctor attempts to end the match on account of the boxers’ injuries, both men rally against the call and whip the audience into a frenzy. The fight will go on, but both men run the risk of severing the muscle in their eyelid and having it become completely useless. They trade more punches until the cuts flare up again… but this time Takamura’s other eye is swelled shut and he’s left with very little visibility. It’s all that he can do to drag Eagle down with him as he falls, resulting in a rare double-knockdown. As the referee’s count begins, it will be a contest of willpower to see which man can make it to his feet.

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