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Who Are The Most Annoying Anime Characters?

"In any series or movie, we are all treated to one or two characters that just annoy the hell out of us. Characters like Lori Grimes (Walking Dead), Kimmy Gibbler from Full House (Oh yes I did) and not to forget, Ted Mosby (HIMYM) who delays telling his kids about their mother for like four hundred seasons but jumps right into sex scenes with randoms."

"The same applies to the anime universe. As colorful, fun, serious and wacky as anime can be, there are many characters that are just a downright drag in the pants. Yeah, I enjoy silly antics and overly emotional support characters from time-to-time, but dam man, pull yourself together! (I’m talking about you Sasuke…)
I decided to gather the anime creatures from within our cave and asked their opinions about who they thought was most annoying. If you have any characters you feel are annoying feel free to leave a comment below."

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foie1562d ago

Didn't really think the quality of this article was very high, and although I wouldn't say for sure, it seems like the authors aren't working with a wide array of anime?

The characters mentioned are just so... typical.
And on a personal note, I don't find Shinji Ikari to be an annoying character, but that's really just me.

ExCest1562d ago

It's very mainstream and as if they googled "most popular anime in the west".

Treezy5041562d ago

Ganta from Deadman Wonderland and Kid Gohan from DBZ.

karim1561d ago

Yukki from Mirai Nikki is definitely most annoying for me..First time I ever hated a main character so much

andrewer1561d ago

Hercule from DBZ xD
I agree with Tsuna although I liked the anime very much.

Jivesh1561d ago

Heyo, thought I'd point out that this is is not an all time list. It's a list of our teams most annoying characters

foie1559d ago

I think the article would've been much better received if the title and style of writing reflected the context of the content more appropriately.
I was expecting something more diverse and reflective of a larger pool of anime fans, not just the feelings of a few people.

Jivesh1558d ago

Sorry, We're working on a couple top 10 lists that sift through a larger pool of Anime and not just the mainstream ones, will put them up here ASAP.