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First ‘Toradora’ Anime Dub Trailer Debuts

While NIS America made the announcement of a bilingual Toradora release today, they’ve already got their dub trailer loaded and ready to go. The release is getting a significant upgrade from their launch release of the show, which was DVD only and in Japanese with subtitles, as it will see a DVD/BD combo release with the new dub.

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Thunder_God1536d ago

Minori sounds perfect. Really don't like the Taiga voice :-/

KingArthur13th1536d ago

Meh, not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

ExCest1536d ago

Taiga's voice seems too deep but that's probably just because Rie's voice is just extremely high pitched.

Asuka1536d ago

I am ok with this Eng Dub, I just really want the complete collection and that artbook. It'll come with the original dubbing so there isn't anything to worry about.