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Can These Three Dragon Ball Games Take The Franchise To A New Level?

Masoud of DualShockers writes:

"Recently I looked at a few reasons the Dragon Ball mega-franchise needed to get itself back on track by offering something truly new and unique for fans to get excited about again. That made me think: what kind of games would I like to see that haven’t been done before?

There’s been a few different approaches to Dragon Ball games in the past, including RPGs and adventure games, but still, those come fairly infrequently, lost in obscurity to the dozen or so formulaic fighting games that have come out and rehashed the same familiar story that fans have been reliving for three decades now. So why not do something completely new?"

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foie1534d ago

The idea on Trunks was pretty interesting

chaos_mechanica1533d ago

Thank you! I'd definitely love to see it happen myself. As much as I love most of the fighting games, a new way to explore the world would be awesome. And who better to do it with than Trunks?

UltimateMaster1533d ago

If you didn't had a chance to read up the multi-verse, I recommend you do so.

All 3 concepts are very interesting.
Now can they release the games, please?

CranberryPub1533d ago

Great article! That DBZ Multiverse game sounds brill and introduced me to a side of fan-fiction I've never seen before.

A Buu that has absorbed everyone in the universe? Sign me up!

chaos_mechanica1533d ago

I know it's over 800 pages long, but trust me when I say it's a real, page clickler, in that you'll be done in no time. No exaggeration, I reached what was then the most recent page in one night of furious reading and the time went by like nothing.