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Chuunibyou Ren Ep 10: The Devil Girl's Love-Sickness

As Satone attempts to rid herself of her revived emotions for Yuuta, Yuuta and Rikka spend the day together. Before Toka leaves for Italy, she enlist the assistance of Dekomori, Shinka and Kumin to help with a special plan. Even though Satone still has feelings for Yuuta, she continues her usual friendship with Rikka in order to find the final key to unlock the "Black Flame Dragon." Shinka, Dekomori and Kumin confront Satone the following morning and see what she's planning to do. Satone reassures the trio that she won't interfere with Rikka and Yuuta's relationship and continue living under her chuunibyou alter ego but that proves both difficult and painful.

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