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Top 5: Obnoxious Female Anime Characters

There are definitely quite a few female anime characters who make watching their series unbearable. Whether they’re dumb, unbelievable or just plain annoying, here are Dani's top five least loved ladies.

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JustSaiyan1562d ago

Ha ha, Sakura was really annoying in the original show. Truth be told she has some pretty eugh moments in Shippuden too.

foie1561d ago

I don't think Orihime deserves to be on the list, honestly, I wouldn't describe her as "Obnoxious". It sounds like the issues the author has with Orihime are really more about the frequency of her character type and what she represents for the author, but not actually Orihime the character.

JustSaiyan1561d ago

I thought that Orihime was a strange addition too.

foie1561d ago

Yeah, and the fact that she makes #3 in a "Top 5" list is just weird.

vegnadragon1561d ago

Orihime and Sakura are very much alike they are both healers and don't do much in battle despite their power and i think that is what we tend to find them obnoxious. The only difference is that Sakura is more independent than Orihime, which Orihime often needs help. However, Sakura could have been a minor character and the plots of Naruto would barely change.

I don't know why Kishimoto introduces females characters, because they all suck. Tsunade has her moments, but think of every other female characters that he introduced and how much they done, if you remove them the plot would hardly change.