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Hozuki No Reitetsu Episode 10 Impressions [Capsule Computers]

Frank Inglese Writes:

Another week, another episode and I’m so glad because I cannot get enough of Hozuki No Reitetsu. Welcome back to another installment of Hozuki No Reitetsu Anime Impressions, I hope you’ve all been as excited about this new episode as I have! This week marks the release of Hozuki No Reitetsu episode ten: An episode where in which ten good old friends (who just so happen to be the kings of hell) get together once again for a feast and a good old talk but with eating and drinking comes a great deal of weight gain and, for a man the size of King Enma, it’s probably NOT a good idea to gorge yourself on the offerings of the dead…even if they ARE delicious!

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