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Why Kill la Kill Isn't Working as a Series | Anime Vice

Ep. #22 -- Watch & Learn. A double-length write-up for this beautiful mess.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1526d ago

Nah I disagree KLK is solid as a series.

Blacklash931519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I'm not sure what he means by Ryuko and Satsuki learning to work together several times. They were nothing but bitter enemies until Satsuki betrayed Ragyo. Then they decided to work together... kinda... briefly. All they did was leave each other as one fought Nui and one fought Ragyo, for about 5 minutes. No real exchange or team-work at all. This is their first time meeting up after that, and their first time affirming their alliance.

The only thing I'd call reptitve in the story is Ryuko's outbursts and emotional crises, which aren't really that bad anyway. She's nowhere near as whiny or overwrought with her drama as Erin, for example.

And actually, there is definitely long-term planning in the series. They obviously planned Ryuko being Ragyo's daughter from the start, and there were several hints about it from character designs, to naming, and down to the soundtrack (listen to the music when Ryuko is first shown wearing Senketsu; it's Ragyo's theme). People were predicting Satsuki's betrayal from around Episode 6, with a solid basis for the theory. The imagrey of Life Fibers fit into their alien-origin from the start. Ect.

The story isn't amazing or a masterpeice, but it works, is functional, and has demonstrated a solid outline. And most importantly, the show is fun.