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You Should Be Watching: Mushishi | Geekenstein

“The world is filled with life unknown to man.” Sorry, I apologize for starting this off with a possible existential crisis, but Mushishi is all about learning about the world around us; the seen and the unseen. In Mushishi, simple ailments that could easily be described as a cold or allergy could actually be a mushi inhabiting your body and causing the symptoms. Don’t be mad at the usually invisible creatures though, they’re just as us; they’re here to survive and live alongside us. They’re rarely out to hurt anyone; they’re just doing what they must to exist. Luckily Mushishi (mushi masters) exist, and Mushishi is focused on one particular Mushishi: Ginko. This white-haired wanderer is one of the strongest characters you’ve likely never thought to give a shot. Don’t let his presence or looks fool you, he could save your life with his infinite knowledge of mushi. - Curtis Stone of Geekenstein

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