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The 10 Best Anime Songs You Will Ever Hear

Anime songs weren’t necessarily written for specific anime programs. However, they can still be safely classified as “anime songs” because that’s how most of us Western folk hear them.

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tazmeah1430d ago

I liked the Fullmetal Alchemist song.

kingPoS1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

They forgot Tank! from Cowboy Bebop. Almost anyone can grow to like as it barely has lyrics. Baccano!'s opening just barely tops it and that's because I never seem get tired of watching it. lol

It doesn't hurt that both have top notch dubs.

ExCest1429d ago

Anything from supercell ;_;

iWishTifaWasReal1428d ago

crappy list.

Dango from Clannad
Lisa songs from various animes
Angel Beats
Monogatari series
etc etc

worldwidegaming1428d ago

That was a sad list. I was expecting some good stuff... Well it is opinion.

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