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Anime Listed: Top 5 'noitaminA' Anime

Luke Halliday writes:

On April 15th, 2005, Fuji TV began to broadcast a late-night anime block targeted towards young adults, particularly college students. That block was titled ‘noitaminA‘ which low and behold is ‘Animation’ spelled backwards. The naming convention actually was quite appropriate for the block because the types of anime that have aired on ‘noitaminA’ over the years have been anything but straightforward, they have flipped the anime medium on its head multiple times over. It is hard to imagine that such unconventional series such as those that run on ‘noitaminA’ would have been ever made without the existence of the block. So out of all the brilliant series that we have been graced with from ‘noitaminA’, which ones were the best? Well here is our top 5 ‘noitaminA’ anime:

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F-Inglese-941552d ago

Love this list! Fantastic!

masterabbott1552d ago

a very strong list i have to agree

futurefrog1552d ago

psycho pass or kids on the slope so hard to pick the best one

Subby1551d ago

I gotta rewatch Psycho Pass, and I need to see Un-Go.