​12 Of The Most Obnoxious Anime Theme Songs Of All Time

Any anime fan can tell you that music is an integral part of anime. Mostly because Japanese music studios use their theme songs to pimp new/hot bands and drive sales, but also partially because this music is often god-awful. While no means a complete list, here are a dozen of the most terrible opening themes anime has to offer.

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DivineHand1251548d ago

Why is one piece 4kids opening on this list. I thought it was awesome and catchy. What people really hated about the 4kids version were the edits and the omissions made to the dub to avoid any controversy.

Some of these include:
Changing Sanji's cigarette into a lollipop.

Changes Smoker's name to Chaser.

Omitting the entire Laboon Arc(probably because Luffy was attacking the whale) as well as most of the filler type episodes that followed etc.

ExCest1547d ago

;_; I liked most of them.