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Anime Has No Future?

On 21 march, an animator and famous anime director Yoshiyuki Tomino attended the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2014 to have a talk session. The talk session was attended by guests from France and entrepreneurs with the future of Animation as the theme. It might be shocking to hear that the first words from this famous director was “Oh, about the future of anime, there will be no future for anime!” (Anime, Yoshiyuki Tomino)

KingArthur13th  +   345d ago
I want to disagree but I'm not entirely sure of what he's stating.
blitzburns4  +   345d ago
Dude, did you see the picture of him?!? He looks like he had one too many drinks of Sakae before answering this question, lol.
foie  +   344d ago
Can't blame you, after reading the article, I'm completely lost.
kevinsheeks  +   344d ago
I'm confused :\
LukeLAD  +   344d ago
Anime definitely has a future...
TwistedMetal  +   344d ago
Days of future past
DivineHand125  +   344d ago
I can't understand what he is saying. I'm not like the other people who will dismiss things just because they don't want to believe it so since he is an industry veteran, I'm sure he has a good point in there some where but it was probably lost in translation.
Right now I think the Japanese animation and manga studios need to start putting more effort into getting their content into more global markets. There is a large market for anime and manga in every single country that has tv or internet so its just a missed opportunity for them. Right now the majority of those people are enjoying anime and manga through illegal websites because there is almost no other way for them to have access to the content they love in their country.
It would be nice of there was a service where you could read a large library of digital manga on your pc or smart device all in colour with no more than a weeks delay from the Japanese version with the first chapter being free then you pay for the rest.
For anime I would like them stop using these horrible voice actors for most of the anime out there because the local cartoons nowadays has very good dialogue and voice acting.
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noxeven  +   344d ago
Theirs a comment on the site comment page that sums up pretty well. Basically he thinks that because of social media and the ability to produce anime has become social acceptable and easier to do that people aren't going to as creative as they used to be they are gonna go with the norm. Like instead of creating something new they will keep rehashing the same ideas. I believe it was Shakespeare that stated that there are only 8 stories you can ever tell. or was it 3. Either way its just one mans opinion its just up to new generations of content creators to prove him wrong. Also on a side note I took his statement as he doesn't really like the way media is evolving with youtube and such. So thats just another opinion
MasterD919  +   344d ago
It sounds like he is eluding to the fact that there will be nothing unique to separate any particular piece of anime out from the rest since everyone is basing the idea around what has already been established with successful companies like Disney, and everyone will try to live up to their status in a similar way, rather than surpassing it with creativity.

I kind of get where he is going, but I believe he is still wrong. Frankly, I don't think he is as hip to what the future holds as he thinks...It's kind of like your grandfather telling you that computers are too difficult to use. This guy didn't have the technical experience that the younger artists have, so he seems more afraid of what is to come than open to it.
MilkMan  +   344d ago
shadowraiserx  +   344d ago
If we compare anime from the 80's and now they are stuck and censored ,maybe this is why he said has no future.

Original Ghost in the Shell vs now
Original DBZ vs KAI
themes are repetetive as hell Mecha,Mecha,Mecha,Harem and comedy everywhere.

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