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8 Reasons Digimon Was A Better Show Than Pokemon

‘Digimon’ has always been stuck under the shadow of its more popular counterpart, ‘Pokemon’. Coming out two years after the juggernaut franchise, the ‘Digimon’ anime only lasted for four seasons before taking a three-year long break, returning for a fifth season, and then taking another three-year long break before getting a sixth.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1518d ago

Every single reason why I like Digimon as a show. Also why I was super excited when that hit Netflix but, didnt even care when Pokemon did.

I liked the Pokemon anime as a kid but. I grew up and started to realize I rlly dont.

Takes forever to get to a gym, team rocket every other episode, Ash I feel like never rlly developes since he restarts every season, and he loses every league.

I always felt Digimon was a better show but, Pokemon had better games.