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Naruto 671 - Prediction, Discussion and Spoiler WARNING CONTAINS HEAVY SPOILER "Naruto 671 is the next exciting chapter in Naruto manga series. The previous chapter was essential in the story. It revealed important information and showed us what really happened, even before the fight between Madara and Hashirama started. Naruto met Hagoromo, the creator of Ninshuu, the person who defeated and split the Juubi and the person who brought peach to the world. Most importantly, he is Naruto’s ancestor. I’m pretty sure lots of Naruto fans are already pouring in their new thoughts, ideas, and predictions in line with the new revelation. Will Naruto accept his fate and what Hagoromo is about to entrust to him? Let’s find out in Naruto chapter 671."

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whatswithjeff1512d ago

Can't wait to see the next chapter!

Deadpool6161512d ago

I'm so far behind in Shippuden. This anime is very hard to catch up on if you fall behind.

whatswithjeff1512d ago

Don't worry about that. Usually I do a marathon if I have the time. You'll eventually catch up. Once your are in the latest chapter or episode you don't have to worry getting left behind since it's only released once a week. So you have plenty of time to read or watch a chapter or episode.

gunnerforlife1512d ago

I'll send you a link later on that shows you all the fillers, so you can skip them if you want too

Deadpool6161511d ago

Thank you very much, good sir.

whatswithjeff1511d ago

Yes better skip the fillers.
You can watch them later if you want to.