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The Emotional Past of Kyros! – One Piece #742 Review | Sleeping Geeks

This chapter was…

*wipes tears away from eyes*


Why you do this to me Oda-Sensei? I’ve got tears flowing down my face, yet I’m laughing out loud. How do you do it? How can you make me feel such emotions in just a single chapter? HOW?

So we started off where we left off before the week hiatus with a continuation of Kyros’ backstory.

Kyros becomes this amazing gladiator that nobody can defeat. “3000 Wins” is no joke when it comes to fighting as a gladiator in a Colosseum. It just shows how strong Kyros truly is.

Many people would think this chapter is mostly about Kyros but they are wrong there. It teaches us almost as much about King Riku in this chapter as Kyros.

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