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It’s All Personal Preferences Regarding The Winter 2014 Shows

Mr. Flaw looks through what he considers the most noticeable of the Winter 2014 shows.

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JustSaiyan1273d ago

I didn't and still don't like the look of Space Dandy.

cemelc1273d ago

If you dont like space dandy cos the artstyle is different, then youre missing on a great anime with the same art style, kill la kill.

I would suggest that you start watching anime, with diferent artstyle, itll take time to get used to, but some gems are made different

pompombrum1273d ago

Lol I skipped kill la kill for that very same reason.. the style looks so crude.

AceBlazer131273d ago

Dude kill la kill was freakin awesome, don't know what to do on Thursday anymore though . definitely the breakout sure of its season.

Not fair to other seasonal anime now that I'll expect kill la kill lvl goodness from them

JustSaiyan1273d ago

I meant the storyline too, apologies. From what I can tell it's 'story of the week' style stuff?

cemelc1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

In space dandy that statement is true, but kill la kill has a proper plot(crazy to no end plot, but plot none the less).

Aside, quality is guaranteed given that is the ppl that did gurren laggan.

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pompombrum1273d ago

I didn't really bother with any shows this winter, nothing really sounded interesting enough to want to follow. A friend recommended Golden Time to me though and glad they did as it was a great anime.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1273d ago

I gotta catch up on space dandy.