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Crunchyroll Acquires ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’ Anime Streaming Rights

While Crunchyroll has not commented on this beyond the initial announcement late last night, we’re going to treat this as official until otherwise noted by the company even though it’s landed on April 1st. Crunchyroll has announced that they’ve picked up the rights to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure for streaming and will be updating with information on their acquisition in a bit. This is normally what they do with series that haven’t had their details finalized yet. There is a lot of concern over whether this is a prank or not, but with the company using official artwork, the fact that Namco Bandai Games is bringing the new All Star game out in Europe and that this would be a catalog title for this series at least since it’s the twenty-six episode 2012 run, it’s starting to feel more and more real. But until we get more details, we’d urge caution.

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