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First Impressions: Selector Infected WIXOSS [Sekijitsu]

Written by Kako of the Sekijitsu writing team:

If there was a way to describe WIXOSS I’d say it’s a cross between Yu-Gi-Oh and Madoka Magica, sounds bizarre but just about accurate after seeing episode 1. The story starts us out with our main lead, Kominato Ruko, she lives with her grandmother who looks to be her only friend, and this really worries her older brother who thinks their grandmother is also worried that Ruko has no friends. It’s nice and all that they’re worried, but Ruko doesn’t really seem desperately lonely or particularly anti-social, soooo yay for caring too much? It doesn’t really matter either way, the plot needed a way to get Ruko to play the main game in this story, and that main game is WIXOSS, a wildly popular card game amongst teens and tweens in Japan. Ruko’s older brother gives her a deck of the cards hoping she can use them to get in good with a group of friends and set her gradmother’s worries to rest.

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