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First Impressions: Isshuukan Friends [Sekijitsu]

Written by Czai of the Sekijitsu writing team:

Could this be Kimi to Boku. S3? @_@

The first thing that came to my mind while watching this show is how the art oddly resembles Kimi to Boku. – from the character designs to the atmosphere it gives off.

Isshuukan Friends is one of the series this season that I’m eagerly looking forward to just because I’m a sucker for drama. And this first episode certainly didn’t disappoint me. It gave a fair amount of lighthearted comedy and a dash of drama. While this episode didn’t exactly pull off a heartbreaking scene, it still showed that it’ll bring an emotional story of friendship later on in the series. BUT I’m still counting on a happily ever after kind of ending for this one. And I’m very interested at how it’ll happen.

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