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Good Luck Girl Complete Series Review | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:

"So tell me, are you feeling lucky, punk? Well Ichiko Sakura certainly is, in fact her entire life she has had nothing but good luck and doesn’t even know the feeling of having things not go her way. That is of course until the ‘Poverty God’ Momoji comes along to restore the balance of luck to the world. If only Momoji wasn’t so darn unlucky.

Good Luck Girl is a comedy series that pits lucky against unlucky, big breasts against flat chests and a god of misfortune against the most fortunate girl in the entire world. It is one hell of a killer hook for an anime series and Good Luck Girl squeezes out laughs with ease from this zany concept. Filled with referential humour that will delight anime fans, Good Luck Girl might just be one of the best comedy anime in quite some time."

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F-Inglese-941534d ago

This wasn't at all on my radar but, after that review, I may actually go and check this one out.

koga881534d ago

Loved this show back when it was released in the States. Shame that it ended up flopping in Japan so we will never see a second season with the manga also wrapped up.