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Naruto 673 – Naruto vs Madara: The Most Awaited Battle Begins WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD "Naruto 673 is the next exciting chapter in Naruto manga series. Finally Naruto and Sasuke have awakened, armed with new powers entrusted by the Sage of Six Paths himself. Gai was able to badly injured Madara using his final attack, the Night Moth. But Gai paid the ultimate price for activating the 8th Gate. Madara was satisfied with his battle against Gai, and he decided to end Gai’s life with his Gudou dama. But Naruto suddenly appeared and deflected Madara’s attack by simply kicking the Gudou dama. Now the battle between Naruto vs Madara begins. Can Naruto and Sasuke stop Madara with their new powers? Let’s find out in Naruto 673."

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