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Attack on Titan and the State of Toonami

Moar Powah's Inverseman discusses Attack on Titan's place on Toonami, what will ensue for the block, and how far the block has come to this point.

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Maxilom1528d ago

I disagree, considering as to how Attack on Titan is already available on both Netflix, Hulu, Funimation and Crunchyroll, it's availability on those sites has made choosing the series a bit too redundant. Past titles such as Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and current titles such as Space Dandy worked because they were ongoing titles that were still airing during the time they were shown in their respective slots, there were lesser avenues to watch it and it was set on a convenient schedule for Cartoon Network's anime bloc. Attack on Titan is too popular, too well known, to the point that if anyone wants to watch the whole series anytime, they can just access the sites aforementioned above and enjoy it in their own time.

Space Dandy was a good call, Attack on Titan, not so much. For people that don't mind reruns, it's great, but for people aiming to discover new and interesting titles they've never heard of before, it would've been better if they chose something else.